We welcome you to attend our symposium SACRA 700. There will be simultaneous translations in Dutch and English. Free income. Registration is not necessary, but is preferred: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Symposium SACRA 700: from Adoration to Evangelisation

Sunday 23 July 2017 - 14.30 u.

Radisson Blu Hotel Hasselt, Torenplein 8

Parking: Capucienenstraat, 3500 Hasselt  (under the hotel)


 "I sincerely hope that this project may be very fruitful and that many will attend. You can count on my prayers!’’ 

Cardinal Robert Sarah 

"It is with great pleasure that I send you the Blessing of the Merciful God for the Symposium ' From adoration to evangelisation' "

Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI



Mgr P Hoogmartens, third bishop of Hasselt since 2004. His coat of arms is ‘not to judge but to save’. In 2016-2017 the diocese of Hasselt celebrates under his guidance its 50th anniversary, with as theme: ‘Not as wanderers, but as pilgrims’.


Robert Lemm:
Dutch hispanist and historian, and author of several audacious books, e.g. ‘Jesuits, the rise and descent’, ‘Pope Benedict XVI and the rise of Eurabia’, and ‘Lawrence, herald of the Caliphate’. He introduced masterworks of banned prophets as Joseph de Maistre, Léon Bloy, and others. For his translation works he got the Martinus Nijhoff price.
He will speak on the origins of the crisis in the European Church.
Mgr. Dominique Rey: Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon in France. The diocese of Fréjus-Toulon is one of the most vibrant of France. It has a joyful and large seminary. Mgr Rey is also the founder of the Observatoire Sociopolitique, an institution that organises summer courses, and has to help the laity to bring a Catholic answer to the questions in society. There is also a large pluriformity of new movements and congregations in this diocese: e.g. the missionary fraternity of Jean Paul II and the missionaries of the Divine Mercifulness. He organised the congresses of ADORATIO and SACRALITURGIA. He has written several books, including a little booklet ‘from adoration to evangelisation’.
He will speak on that subject: ‘from adoration to evangelisation’.

Mgr. Philip Egan: Bishop of Portsmouth. The diocese of Portsmouth is in the South of the United Kingdom. He is tirelessly working on the evangelisation of his diocese after his appointment in 2012. One of the important points in this effort, is the improvement and encouragement of the Catholic Schools. He writes impressive pastoral letters, that outline e.g. the total renewal of the Catholic Education in his Diocese. For his efforts, the Catholic Herald elected him as Catholic of the Year 2017.
He will speak on the ‘Eucharist, highlight of the Church and source of evangelisation’.
Rev Father Prof Dr Karl Wallner: rector of Benedict XVI Highschool, in the Stift Heiligenkreuz in Austria. For years he was involved in the pastoral of the youth. He organised many conferences, e.g. also on Gott & Humor. The seminary attached to the High School, is the largest seminary in the German-speaking world. The school counts today more than 300 students coming from across the globe.
He will speak on ‘Europe needs a new spring of evangelisation’.